Illustrations for the Brochure: “Willst du mit mir gehen?

quix is a collective of different people who work as trainers in power-critical educational work. With their work they want to question social power and power relations, sensitize people to discrimination mechanisms and integrate intersectional perspectives and approaches.

In 2017 quix has published a brochure about the topics gender_sexualities_desire for educational work. These topics are illuminated with a queer_feminist, racism-critical and intersectional perspective in a low-threshold manner – the main focus is on educational work in the context of development policy (especially international volunteer services).

The booklet is aimed primarily at trainers, educational institutions, development policy organizations and voluntary service organizations, but also at participants and former volunteers.

For the project people from different backgrounds, perspectives and positions wrote texts, interviews, comics, illustrations or poems. Topics such as language and power, intersections of sexism and racism, heteronormativity, experience reports from queer seminar participants, privileges, sexualized violence, critical masculinity and more are addressed in the brochure.

You can download the brochure here for free. Have fun!

other illustrations: