imágenes migrando

The series imágenes migrando : Migrating Images was created as a visual accompaniment to my magister thesis. In the densely overgrown jungle of academic discourses, the drawings can be seen as small clearings in which the eye can rest in between…

In my thesis, I am undertaking a search for traces through the fields of representation. What is the problem of representation, where does it come from, what effects does it have? In order to understand the complex structures of power and society into which representation has an impact, the theoretical foundation of the thesis is a foray through various related topics in the field of cultural studies and visual culture. Starting from the concept of culture in Cultural Studies, the complexity of culture and its interaction with power and representation will be examined by means of small insights into the topics of postcolonialism, racism and cultural identity. At the same time, the thematic framework into which the function and the problems of representation play a role becomes clear.

The work focuses on the deconstruction of our habits of seeing and the question of a possible reordering of these habits. It is well known that images and visuality are imbued with a great power, which can shake up habits and initiate a new order, especially in the sense of art.

My thesis can be downloaded here. enjoy!

other illustrations: