picture book

schnipsel and the tiny star

which images do I find in my visual environment? just as important as: which not? which stories are told how and where? and which ones are not (yet) told?

when i decided to make a picture book, it was not so much about a certain story that i wanted to tell but rather following the idea to continue questioning the „normal“ you get offered in children’s books. another part of the motivation for the book is fed by the mentioned debates on social categories and -isms and the impetus, that i wished for a book that i couldn’t find in the german picture book landscape.

since i read a lot of picture books evening after avening to my little daughter, my desire to show her pictures that reflect puzzle pieces of her own reality has become urgent. as we traveled a lot throughout the first two years of her life, she grew up in many different contexts. we celebrated her first birthday on a vulcano island in central america called ometepe. this island happened to be the place where my story takes place…

it’s about a courageous little girl and a pig and a little star, that could need some help.

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